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Managed Funds Association Cites in SEC Filing on Dodd-Frank Study of Short Position Reporting

When hedge funds want to communicate their views in Washington, they turn to the Managed Funds Association (MFA), “the voice of the global alternative investment community.”  With about $1.9 trillion in assets, this industry no doubt expects the highest standards in advocating its interests.  That’s why it was particularly noteworthy to me as the publisher…

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To better reach readers interested in the content this site offers, I recently submitted for review by, one of the most established web site directories on the Internet.  I am pleased to announce that has given its two-star “Worth the Trip” rating, reserved for web pages that offer a “Quality site,…


Performance Assessment for Investment Ideas on at 2010 Stock Market Close

In her classic novels The Foutainhead and Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand distinguished between people who make choices based on their own objective observations, and “second-handers” – people who are more apt to follow the opinions of other people than their own just because those other people are popular. The case I want to make is…