Relieving Arthritis Pain with Collagen II and Vitamin C: A Personal Experience

Like many people who experience joint pain, I assumed that arthritis was something I wouldn’t need to worry about until old age.  I first noticed symptoms about five years ago in my early forties, when I began to feel pain in my right hand.  The original diagnosis was that my right hand was predisposed to develop arthritis pain because of a broken thumb dating back to an elementary school kickball game.  But by last year I had experienced some pain in both hands and feet despite various attempts at physical therapy and using prescription and non-prescription medicines.  I had also taken Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements for a few years without much apparent benefit.

My doctor, a respected orthopedic surgeon, had nothing more to offer other than to intensify the symptomatic treatment through periodic Cortisone shots and advise me to hope for future therapies to offer a better cure.

Back in March, after experiencing flashes of pain in both hands and one foot while driving to work, I decided to research alternative treatments more aggressively than I had in the past.  After various Internet searches, I learned of two ideas I had not previously considered.  The first was Vitamin C supplementation.  Various sources said Vitamin C could help arthritis, and I also noticed that the disease scurvy – which includes joint pain – results from Vitamin C deficiency.  The second was that levels of Collagen II – also known as Hyalauronic Acid – an important component of skin and bones, decline with age.  Various posts claimed taking Collagen II yielded favorable results in reducing arthritis pain.

I decided to try both supplements.  I started with the Vitamin C, which alone may have had a mild effect, though the period when I added Vitamin C before adding Collagen was probably too short to tell.  I ordered the Collagen II in the form of 100 mg Hyalauronic Acid capsules, which came a week or so later.  I usually take a supplement of each twice a day.

After a month I felt fewer instances of the shooting pain I had been experiencing.  Now about five months later, the improvement is significant, and any pain I still experience is mild in comparison.  When I perform tasks requiring fine motor movements, like changing my baby daughter’s diaper, I can still feel that the joints at the base of my thumb are still weak and not the joints they were ten years ago, but I don’t feel the deeper pain I previously experienced.

Of course I’m neither a doctor nor a scientist, and I would advise anyone with joint pain to consult their doctor before beginning a new course of treatment.  Moreover, just because some particular supplements help one person does not mean that someone else will enjoy the same benefit.  That being said, if I can address my arthritis by taking Vitamin C and Collagen II, it stands to reason that some other people will be able to experience the same improvement.

Good luck in addressing your arthritis and I hope you find the solution that works for you!

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