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Why Microsoft’s Stock Is Finally Set To Reboot

Microsoft’s (MSFT) stock has gone nowhere for over a decade, trading in the $40-$60 range through 1999 and early 2000, and only occasionally breaking $30 since. Currently trading around $26-$27 ($27.12 on September 16 market close), it’s threatening to pierce $30 again. Several factors support the argument that Microsoft’s stock can achieve sustained value above…


3 Developments That Can Unleash Cisco’s Value

For investors looking for a blue chip name to profit from global growth of information technology, it’s hard not to look at Cisco (CSCO). The San Jose company provides the “guts” of information technology infrastructure – enterprise networks, network routers and switches, and other IT products and services. Cisco’s closest competitor for its core data…


The Case for Cisco (CSCO) Stock and Believing John Chambers

Summarized qualitatively, the case for Cisco stock (CSCO) is this:  Cisco makes the guts of information technology infrastructure, routers, switches and other products associated with IT networks.  Their closest competitor, Juniper Networks (JNPR), is comparatively tiny, with a market capitalization a bit over 1/9th that of Cisco’s ($13.6 billion to $125.9 billion).  The ratio for…