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Performance Assessment for Investment Ideas on Thoughtsworththinking.net at 2010 Stock Market Close

In her classic novels The Foutainhead and Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand distinguished between people who make choices based on their own objective observations, and “second-handers” – people who are more apt to follow the opinions of other people than their own just because those other people are popular. The case I want to make is…


E*Trade: Steady as She Goes

Last week marked the culmination of a series of events regarding E*Trade that provide clarity for investors on what it will take for E*Trade to execute a successful turnaround: E*Trade raised over $600 million in equity from a larger than expected common stock offering at $1.10 a share and an earlier equity purchase program1 E*Trade…



The E*Trade story is familiar:  a successful company ventures out of its core business and gets burned.  E*Trade was doing just fine as one of the top online brokerage platforms in the industry, but it expanded big into mortgages and that’s where the trouble began. Any serious look into E*Trade requires some consideration of numbers—and…