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U.S. Military Personnel Should Stand With Their Federal Civilian Counterparts on the Federal Pay Freeze

The author of Thoughtsworththinking.net believes that President’s Obama’s approach to freezing the pay of federal employees is flawed, and calls on members of the United States’ armed forces to stand with their colleagues in the civilian federal service in the discussion to address the proposed federal emplyee pay freeze. Federal civilian employees include FBI, Secret…


Why Hybrid Government Retirement Plans that Mix a 401(k) with a Smaller Pension are Good News

A recent Wall Street Journal article observed that U.S. state governments are shifting to “hybrid” retirements, plans that mix a 401(k) like account with a defined benefit plan. 1  Advocates support these plans because they require public employees to shoulder a greater burden in funding and planning their retirements.  But there is another reason to support…