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Performance Assessment for Investment Ideas on Thoughtsworththinking.net at 2010 Stock Market Close

In her classic novels The Foutainhead and Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand distinguished between people who make choices based on their own objective observations, and “second-handers” – people who are more apt to follow the opinions of other people than their own just because those other people are popular. The case I want to make is…


The U.S. Investor’s Case for ING Common Stock

Writing in September 2009, I argued that investors should consider ING cumulative preferred shares. I did not at the time recommend ING’s common shares, then trading in the $14-$16 range.  Now that they are trading around $8 ($8.46 at U.S. market close on June 16), depressed by the European sovereign debt crisis, I think it’s…


How to Make Capital Gains or Get 12% Dividends with ING Cumulative Preferred Shares

Life is full of second chances, sometimes even in investing. In that connection, ING’s (ING) cumulative preferred shares plunged with the shares of the broader financial services community when the financial crisis reached its depths. ING’s 6.2 % perpetual debt securities issued in 2003 with a $25 a share denomination (ISP) reached a low of…