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Why Apple Stock Still Makes Me Nervous

In June 2010, with the shares at $260.83, I argued that that Apple (AAPL) was a risky stock for long-term investors. It was one of the most popular stories on Seeking Alpha that day, with a wave of vitriolic comments – one commenter simply called me a loser for not owning Apple stock. A few brave…


Performance Assessment for Investment Ideas on Thoughtsworththinking.net at 2010 Stock Market Close

In her classic novels The Foutainhead and Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand distinguished between people who make choices based on their own objective observations, and “second-handers” – people who are more apt to follow the opinions of other people than their own just because those other people are popular. The case I want to make is…


Why Sprint Nextel Deserves the Call from Investors

The best turnaround investing opportunities can occur when a number of factors suggest the prospect of increased value.  For that reason, it’s my opinion that investors should consider the case for Sprint Nextel. First, sentiment is growing that while Sprint’s network is not yet on par with U.S. quality leader Verizon (VZ), it is significantly…